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Discover MASTERPLAY AFRICA, a team of experts with more than 24 years of experience combined in the sector of Indoor playground creation, installation and maintenance.

We bring the CHILDREN of the world closer together

LET CHILDREN DREAM WITH  masterplay Africa.

A world created for entertainment, joy and fun, in a sound and secure environment.

About Us – African indoor playground manufacturer offering European Quality at African prices

Our experienced team has been trained to build indoor playground structures, trampoline parks and jungle gyms at the highest European standards of quality and safety. They now bring all this know-how and expertise to African entrepreneurs for the development of beautiful, safe indoor playgrounds and Family Entertainment Centers all over the African continent. 


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Discover in this carrousel some examples of designs of indoor playgrounds structures, play centres imagined by Masterplay team

 Before and After example of small play structure in Family Entertainment Center

 Drag the slider first all the way to the right then to the left to discover the transformation and final result ! 

Types of Indoor Play Equipment
We Design & Build

Family Entertainment Center

Jungle Gyms - Play centres

Trampoline Parks

example of trampoline park built by Masterplay

Indoor playground manufacturer Services
We Provide

Our team of experts is committed to deliver top-level assistance and customer service at each stage of the project to make it a success for the long-term. We share all our experience with you so your project  will progress faster and in the best conditions.  

Project support

Our profesionnal designer will work with you to turn  your vision into Reality and Profits. 

Customer advising

We are at your side to make a solid business plan helping you get your financing

Sales Support

We make you benefit of our expertise giving you ideas for extra income generating activies 

High Quality Installation

Having an experienced team building your play structures with best practises ensure longevity  

After-sales service & Maintenance

Having a professional Maintenance team directly available in Africa saves you money & time

in few  impressive numbers

Realized installations

Kilometers of metal tubes

Years of experience at your service

Examples of indoor play structures built by MASTERPLAY AFRICA

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